5 Cases When It’s Necessary to Clean Your Furnace

Regular furnace cleanings are not just an option, but a necessity. However, homeowners often experience different kinds of issues with their HVAC systems and it is extremely important to take care of your furnace. If you’re unsure whether it’s high time to schedule an appointment with your technician, there are some red-flag situations you have to know about.

  1. When you have animals.
    Right, inspectors state that cleaning furnace once a year is enough, but that is not true for pet owners. If you have a dog or a cat, you are accustomed to having their fur covering every inch of the house. Your HVAC unit collects all that debris, which makes it work harder and spend more energy. If you have a pet, you have to clean the furnace more often. That also improves the air quality!
  2. When your ducts need cleaning.
    If you are paying to have the ducts cleaned, you probably have to check the furnace too. As an HVAC unit, those things work closely together and you can’t expect one to stay clean when the other one is dirty. You could check if a service that cleans your ducts will perform furnace cleaning too. Remember that spending more here is absolutely necessary, as the system might break down otherwise.
  3. When you’re getting a previously owned house.
    If you’re unsure whether the previous homeowners took good care of their furnace you have to call an HVAC Sometimes real estate agencies have a furnace inspection as their condition for sellers. That saves a future homeowner from huge bills and unexpected expenditures. You have to call your agent to make sure.
  4. When you’ve just finished remodeling.
    Remodeling and other construction works are very expensive sometimes, but you have to invest in a further cleaning. If some of that construction dust gets into the unit, it will work much slower and harder. Some of the other construction debris are very dangerous for your unit, so they may cause damage.
  5. When you don’t remember the last time you cleaned it.
    Every day you’re walking around, tons of responsibilities are upon you. It’s very easy to start taking your machines for granted. If you don’t remember when was the last time you called a technician and inspected your unit, it’s probably a high time to schedule an appointment.

Every day something gets inside the duct work and something makes your furnace work just a little bit harder. If you don’t check it on time, you will encounter overspending and will make your unit wear out much sooner. If you have animals you have to perform cleaning and check-ups every 5-6 months. Remember, if you keep your unit properly serviced, it will work much longer for you.

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