About Us

At our company, we’ve been working with furnaces and HVAC units since 2001. We have vast experience and we still are a family owned company that takes cleaning to the next level. Our clients enjoy a wide range or exceptional services and know that their houses are warmer and safer with our help.

If you decide you want to use our services, you simply need to give us a call. You will be notified when a specialist can arrive at your place. Our workers cover an area in a 30-mile radius from Edmonton. They also do different types of works for each client. The scope of work they do differs, so we can’t foresee and tell you the exact time when a master will come. Instead, we can guarantee you that our specialist will not leave until your HVAC unit is clean and you’re satisfied with the service.

We accept credit and debit cards but also work with checks (both personal and cahier’s). We have a fixed price list. You might notice that the prices of our services differ from those of our competitors. As we try to take good care of our company, pay generously our workers and get the newest equipment, we might not match our competitors with our prices. However, we can guarantee you that with that level of technology and professionalism, you’ll never doubt that price.

We don’t work on furnace repairs, cleaning only. Our specialists don’t diagnose your furnace or suggest any further actions with it. Unless the issue is plainly obvious and you need to replace a minor detail of your furnace, our specialists have no permission to perform any repairs.

When you’re hiring our specialist to clean the furnace, please ensure that they have the full access to the unit including the ducts. Make sure the furniture is not blocking the access. That will save both of you time.

Hope you will enjoy our cleaning services and fresher air!