The Indubitable Reasons to Clean the Air Ducts

Heavily polluted air is one of the main health concerns for doctors in colder climates. Even the best HVAC units that possess filters and air purifiers don’t give you full protection from the contaminated air.

If you choose an average Canadian home and check the air quality there, you will find plenty of dust, mold, pollen, animal dander, dirt flying around. In some houses you also get tobacco smokes in the air and garage fumes. All of those make the quality of life lower and increase the risk of health issues and breathing problems.

As it was mentioned, purifiers and filters don’t eliminate or catch every single particle. All of those get into the ducts and then circulate in the system making the air harder to breathe. Along the way, they catch new particles and all of that ends up in the air.

When you have the air that is too dry and your ductwork starts to dry out, it becomes prone to cracking. That creates a perfect environment for water to stop, leak and then mold appears. That is a chance for bacteria and different insects to get into the system. The next thing you know, you’re breathing in spores.

There is a way to stop all of those nightmares. You just have to call a specialist to clean the air ducts at least once in 2 years. There are other reasons to call a technician to help you keep the air ducts clean:

  1. It will save you money in the long run.
    Debris that get into the ductwork makes it harder for the unit to work. When the debris builds up, the HVAC unit has to spend more energy and thus your money to work properly. When you inspect the ductwork once a year or two you don’t allow the debris to build up.
  2. You will prolong the lifespan of the unit.
    When your furnace has to work hard 24/7 and it can’t rest it will deteriorate and wear out pretty fast. That way you won’t enjoy its stable work for 10-12 years. Moreover, the lack of stable airflow and constant work will cause damage, so you will have to pay for inspections and repairs quite often. This way, it’s better to pay for cleaning your ducts once!
  3. It will help with your health.
    If you have asthma or any kind of allergy you absolutely have to clean the air ducts regularly. It’s a necessity, otherwise, you will notice that your conditions start to worsen. If you don’t have any special conditions, you definitely don’t want to develop those.
  4. You will escape the smell.
    When the cracks appear, moisture and mildew are the next points. When your HVAC unit is occupied with mold and bacteria, they create a smell that is impossible to get rid of later. When you have clean ducts, you will not experience these issues.
  5. You will make your filters really work.

Many people think that investing in expensive air filters for furnaces or air conditioners is enough. However, filters are useless when the rest of the system is covered with dust and filth. You have to clean the ducts first and then you will notice that the quality of the air changes. When you’re getting cheap filters, it’s no biggie, as those only catch the larger particles. However, expensive filters only work when the system is clean.

It’s very easy to find a person to clean your ductwork. It doesn’t cost much, especially if you remember that you only have to do this once in two years. Investing in your health and the quality of life is very important, especially if you know you have special conditions or someone in your family had those. Cleaner ducts mean cleaner house and healthier living and it’s a luxury you definitely can afford.