Our Service

We can help you if your place is located within a 30-mile radius of Edmonton. All of our specialists are certified and allowed to perform their services. Our workers arrive in company’s vehicles that have all the necessary tools inside, so you don’t have to prepare anything in advance.

If you want to ensure everything is done faster, please leave the parking space for our employee and move the furniture or any other parts blocking the access to your HVAC unit or ducts.

  • Air duct cleaning (residential).

You have to clean the ducts once in 2-3 years. However, performing cleaning once a year is good too. If you clean the ducts often, you will breather fresher air and be healthier. We offer you 3 packages. If you’re cleaning your ducts regularly, standard cleaning with industrial vacuums and air snakes will do for you. There is also extra cleaning option, where you have more attention paid to the main trunk lines. We also have golden cleaning pack, where you get a Viper Microline used for every vent.

  • Air duct cleaning (commercial).
    We have special tools for efficient commercial cleaning. We can guarantee you that every single inch of your ductwork will be taken care of. We have been working with commercial cleaning for 4 years now and we know how to take good care of your place.
  • Furnace cleaning.
    Our specialists don’t perform any furnace inspections nor they are allowed to fix anything. However, they will help you keep your furnace clean and carefully remove dust and debris from the toughest spots.
  • Air conditioner cleaning and tune-up.
    We have an option for those who have conditioners installed. Our specialists will arrive and ensure you have the proper air flow. They will check and change the filters and work with electronics.
  • Boiler cleaning.
    Your boiler gets weary after years of service. You might not be able to breathe in second life into it, but you definitely could clean it inside out, so it works better. Our guys will do the work thoroughly and leave your unit fresh.
  • Chimney cleaning.
    When your chimney is getting greasy and full of debris or soot, you need some extra help. We can sweep you and eliminate the creosote buildup. If you have issues with debris, our HEPA-filter vacuum will take good care of that. Our inspectors can also check your chimney to make sure there aren’t any hazards or malfunctions.

We can help you make your air fresher and your house fully services anytime. Our specialists are available daily. If you want to schedule an appointment, give us a call and a manager will notify you about the time available.